The right chair can make a big difference in your day. Everyone has their own tasks, taste and work style…and their own idea of comfort. Office Enterprises has seating options to respond to individual needs and preferences, whether you spend your time in long meetings, concentrated tasking or casual conferences. And with our wide selection of seating textiles, you can create a statement to express your personal style.


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Our complete line of ergonomic solutions are designed to give you comfort and quality while adding an extra measure of protection against repetitive stress injuries.


In our digital age, paper still remains a fact of life in the workspace. Office Enterprises offers a wide selection of filing and storage options tailored to your business needs. From lateral files to storage towers, cabinets to bookcases, and pedestals to wardrobes, we can help you find just what you need.

Panel Systems

Office Enterprises highlights two manufactures of office systems: Groupe LaCasseand AIS. Within these systems are endless ways to customize your design to create a unique and functional environment


There are so many ways we can help you create beautiful, effective and performing work spaces. Our thoughtful team will partner with you from the early stages of understanding your conferencing needs, through the design and installation of your work meeting environment.

Interior Design Services

At Office Enterprises we will guide you through the design and installation process. Our architectural planning is flexible and leaves room for expansion of your utility and technical infrastructure.