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Letter Openers

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Desktop Letter Openers

The Neopost IM-16 is ideal for organizations seeking a fast, convenient and secure solution to processing incoming mail. The mail and letter opening machine quietly opens incoming mail and envelopes within minutes, protecting the contents from damage.



Tabletop Letter Openers

With speeds up to 400 envelopes per minute, the Neopost IM-2112 milling cutter can take your inbound mail processing to the next level. Proven technology will protect the envelope contents from being sliced or damaged while the self-adjusting feeder automatically handles mixed size and thicknesses.


Production Letter Openers

The Neopost IM306 letter opening system is designed for the large volume user. The precision milling cutter with 8 preset cut-depth positions, protects the contents of your mail while operating at speeds up to 40,000 envelopes per hour. The reverse flow conveyor allows operators to stay in one place while feeding and removing envelopes

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